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Carter's Crazy Concepts Volume 3

In which Paul thinks he's sick!

Carter's Crazy Concepts Volume Deuce

In which Paul tells us to JUST BE YOURSELF!

A formulation of Written Exposition Volume One

In which Paul describes Carter's Crazy Concepts and The VoiceOver Multiverse!

OK folks, so here’s the deal.

The VoiceOver Multiverse is just that… a VOICEOVER MULTIVERSE! A multifaceted many dimensional construct in which we can invade and explore all things and ANYTHING that might be even CLOSELY related to voiceover.

Carter’s Crazy Concepts is a much more compact universe, a MicroMessage if you will of apt, pertinent, and precise ideas in which we can quickly and concisely navigate with precision, immediately accessing the core cancers of our conspicuous continuance.

With this blog, I will be posting the videos of Carter’s Crazy Concepts (CCC for short), and every now and then a longer form video for The VoiceOver Multiverse, as well as an occasional formulation of written exposition intended to expand the craniums of the collectively clichéd craftsmen of our collective.

So sit back, relax, prepare yourself for a helluva ride!

Carter's Crazy Concepts Volume 1

In which Paul tells us to STOP TRYING TO BE PERFECT!

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